My son loves anything with wheels. BUT when those wheels can skyrocket across our kitchen floor… well, that just trumps ALL other options, right?

Seeking to charge-up your son’s toy set? Look no further than Hot Wheels’ Stunt Chargers!  This puppy is FAST.  Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers are small and compact, yet unstoppable and nearly indestructible.  We played around with the toy in our kitchen, but once the weather gets better we are going to take the Stunt Chargers outside where they belong! In the playground, at soccer practice, family road trips. You name it!


The best part is the cars keep driving even after crashing – performing wheelies, rollovers, ricochets, and more! Just put the vehicle on the included charger, juice up the electric motor, and then let ‘er rip for tons of stunting fun and rebounding action.

Fun! Fun! Fun!


My husband took these pictures and I just looked at them this morning. Hilarious!! Apparently, Liam was a little excited about his Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers. LOL!!!

A variety of Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers can be found online at

* company sent sample for review


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