If you are on a diet, the first thing on your mind is to cut out Italian food. With all the carbs what could you possibly eat, right? Not really, now, you can eat Italian food AND lose weight!

Tanya Zuckerbot, MS, RD, and creator of the F-Factor diet has fixed the problem for you. Her F-Factor Diet makes it easy to dine out, eat carbs and drink alcohol! Can we hear an “Amen!”?! Her new book, The Miracle Carb Diet: Make Calories and Fat Disappear – with Fiber! devotes a full chapter to dining at fine restaurants and how you can change your life by eating healthy but not changing your lifestyle.  Her latest collaboration is with BiCE Ristorante in the swank Mid-town East neighborhood in New York City where 21 items including appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts, are all F-Factor approved.

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“Having lived for a year in Florence I understand why Italians manage to stay slim while eating so well, said Zuckerbrot. “ Fruits, vegetables, whole grains are integral to Italian cuisine, making it one of the world’s healthiest. Also, fats and sugar are used sparingly and portions are properly modest, yet always filling. BiCE upholds these traditions in Italian cooking while turning out modern dishes that are gorgeous, delicious and satisfying.”
BiCE is proud to source local produce and dairy along with fresh herbs.  Their menu puts a modern spin on traditional Northern Italian cuisine and the menu offers delicious, light, yet filling dishes. With 21 items that are F-Factor Diet approved, customers who are watching their diets can be confident ordering their meals at BiCE Ristorante. All they have to do is look for the F-Factor approved seal!
Some of the items we tasted (clockwise from top left) at the launch event was the  sea-bass served with seasonal vegetables  with fresh herbs and truffle emulsion, beef carpaccio with asparagus, prosciutto with melon, Milanese style minestrone soup which were all delicious and filling and I walked out of the restaurant full yet satisfied that I ate healthy!
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* written by Pam Kirkbride
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