Everyone is always in the market for a great gift that is reasonably priced. mark has a selection of adorable accessories and must-have beauty products in that price range below.

*All items can be found at www.meetmark.com



Fashion – Black, white and classic shine

  1. mark Style and Stones Bracelet, $24
  2. mark In the Mix Earrings, $18
  3. mark In a Flash Ring, $16
  4. mark Just Picked Brooch, $16
  5. mark Studs and Style Stretch Belt, $16
  6. mark White Now Necklace, $22


Beauty – Pastel beauty and glow-from-within product

  1. mark On the Dot Pastel Eye Color Compact
  2. mark That’s Brilliant Face & Eye Luminizer
  3. mark Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers (Cupcake and Creamsickle)

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