Poise and grace. These are two words that describe the Annual Spring Workshop Performances I attended at the Manhattan Youth Ballet and Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (MMAC) this weekend.

The Performance was a culmination of a rehearsal process that began with their Winter Workshop Intensive in January each year. Students performed selections from classical masterpieces as well as new works specifically choreographed for Manhattan Youth Ballet.

Repertoire included excerpts from George Balanchine’s Emeralds and  The Sleeping Beauty, August Bournonville’s Napoli, a world premiere by Attila Csiki, and Deborah Wingert’s Neopolitan Divertissement.

Manhattan Youth Ballet and Manhattan Movement & Arts CenterThe night began with an introduction and thanks to the teachers of the MMAC.

Manhattan Youth Ballet and Manhattan Movement & Arts Center teachers

As the students were performing, it was clear the time and dedication each of the senior students dedicated to their art. Their strength and grace were evident in their fluid movements.

Unfortunately, photography during the performance was not allowed so I’m unable to show you how graceful the dancers were, but I hope my words can give you a visual.

Manhattan Youth Ballet and Manhattan Movement & Arts Center performance

There were several young ladies I was quite impressed with as they performed their solos.

I was most taken by their last piece, a contemporary piece.  The choreography was done well and combined with the music it was all very powerful. As the group performed this piece, I felt their passion. From their movements, I felt emotion. It almost brought me to tears.

If only you were there with me to feel the intense emotion.

Artistry, beauty, elegance.


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