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I’m officially getting serious folks! Everything I bring into my house from this point forward is going to help my waistline – not hurt it. One item that I used to LOVE to snack on was Kim’s Magic Pop. We JUST found it again this morning and I am so HAPPY!!

They are popped rice cakes and have just the right amount of crunch to make you THINK you are eating a potato chip – but you aren’t.

I bought my pack at Fairway – a local supermarket – but I found a 12 pack online on that you can purchase if you want to check it out.  Kim’s Magic Pop Combo Pack B 12-Pack: Freshly Popped Rice Cakes, Healthy Grain Snack, 0 Weight Watchers Point

I will be posting a bunch of these tips over the next few weeks. So, be on the look out!


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