If you saw my pantry three days ago, your mouth would have dropped. Our shelving was cheap and would constantly break. So, we could never put anything in there. At one point, everything was just balancing on my Kitchen-aid   Bill and I officially gave up and decided this entire space would just house our kids’ lunch boxes. DISASTER!

Well, this week… THAT ALL CHANGED.

Our friend came and installed retractable / STURDY shelving. You know, the kind that I can actually USE. The kind that I can actually put things on without fearing of a collapse. I don’t even know where to begin.

Bill shoved a bunch of stuff on the top shelf – but I am going to change it all up. I just have to rally up some energy to start this project. Maybe if Caleb lets me sleep for 4 hours in a row I can get this going. I’m hoping by this weekend I will have my cans and boxes in proper order.

Updated image to come!


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