pTRU1-15186620enh-z6Lately, I’ve been trying to take care of all my errands as soon as possible. My thought is that the quicker I can get it off my “to do” list the better. This year, I actually bought all my Easter supplies before St. Patrick’s Day THINKING I was doing myself a favor. During the first week of March, I snagged Caleb this adorable bunny footsie (which he wore already by accident), got Natalie and Liam their Easter baskets and even purchased the Easter Egg coloring kits.

Well, this week EVERYTHING that I bought is now on sale at a severely reduced price. The baskets are about $10 cheaper. The outfit is now Buy 1 Get 1 Free starting TODAY and the egg kits are now $.99. How is this fair? There’s actually no POINT in advanced planning anymore. I COULD fish out that old receipt, return the baskets and repurchase them (or at least ask for a price adjustment)… but I wouldn’t know where to begin to look.

My official lesson has been learned. Wait until the week before a holiday to make any major purchase.

When do you do your holiday shopping?


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