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I always love it when there’s a new twist on a classic. Traditional lasagna for example is delicious… but how much more special would it be if it was individual sized and baked in your muffin pan? COME ON! That would be quite the presentation for your family and friends.

Savory Bites: Meals You Can Make In Your Cupcake Pan was written by ‘Cupcake Wars’ champion Hollis Wilder. It’s a book that’s entirely dedicated to taking our favorite recipes and recreating them into smaller, uniform servings. All you need is your cupcake pan (and some wrappers – but Hollie gets into that in the cookbook. Don’t worry, she has you covered!)

You can pre-order your book right now on Amazon for $15.75. It will be available to the masses started May 2013.

What are some recipes you can expect?

  • Apple-Sausage Breakfast Cake
  • Curried Chicken with Mango
  • Pumpkin Risotto
  • French Toasters
  • Fig and Blue Cheese Tarts
  • Tandoori Carrot Scones
  • Risotto with Green Vegetables

I’m DYING just writing these up! Savory Bites: Meals You Can Make In Your Cupcake Pan walks have recipes spanning from breakfast to dessert. Something for everyone and for every time of the day.

I’m pretty much going to have a dinner party JUST so I can whip out some of these recipes. LOL.

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