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I’m a different mom with baby number three. Maybe it’s because I know this is my last. Maybe it’s because I know how quickly it will all fly by. Maybe it’s because I’m older now and can appreciate it a little more. Whatever the reason, my parenting style has completely shifted with Caleb.

I don’t put this boy down.

He is going to be so SPOILED!! But then again… they say you can’t spoil a baby, right? Who are “they” again??? I hate those sayings. lol.

I’m even trying to work a sling and I was SO AGAINST slings with my two other kids. Of course, I need a science degree to figure them out. I just want one that is a piece of fabric – old school! I can’t handle the ones with an 80 page instruction manual. My brain doesn’t work that way. I gave Bill THREE different slings and told him to figure ONE of them out. Whichever he works out is the one I’m going use and then I will FINALLY have a free hand!!

I’m learning to do things at 4AM.That’s when I do most of my writing these days. Forgive me if you see any typos. It’s the only hour where Caleb sleeps in his bed and I have the use of both hands.

Again, it’s not a big deal. I’m ok with this set up because I know it won’t last. My other two kids are so self-sufficient.  In fact, they’ve become my little helpers. SO EAGER to do something for Caleb. Bringing along bibs, diapers, pacifiers – you name it! It’s amazing.

He’s starting to fuss. So off I go. 🙂 I’m literally wrapped about his little finger.

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