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I’ve been on a HUNT for two weeks now trying to find the perfect spring cocktail that fits my post-pregnancy body for the LA premiere of Iron Man 3. And I’ve been failing miserably!!!!

I ended up with two. And that’s out of about 90. Yes, I tried on about 90 dresses. I hit every store under the sun. All my favorite haunts and nothing has been working because it’s just TOO SOON. Caleb is 8 weeks old and I really haven’t made any attempts to lose the weight. So, what did I expect????



Luckily, I came across this number and not only did it fit my hips and stomach region but it was on MEGA SALE. From $200 marked down to $27.

YES $27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the outlets and scored it at Off 5th. AHHHH! Super excited. I just need to get the shoulders altered. So, I am headed to the cleaners at 10AM to do that this morning.

I leave for LA on Tuesday. Cutting it close I know – but that is how I roll.

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