I was talking to my kids this morning about the games I used to love to play as a child and mentioned 4 Corners. They looked at me like I had two heads. They never heard of it and it got me thinking… my little ones are so dependent on THINGS. When I was growing up (I sound like my grandfather now…) the kids would go outside and just PLAY. We picked up sticks from the floor and used them to mark bases. We were resilient folks! Flexible if you will. If the chalk broke, we used a rock. Ok, I’m exaggerating – but you catch my drift.

In case you get sick and tired of having to dig deep into your garage to find THINGS for your children to play with — here are 8 friendly REMINDERS.

8 Outdoor Games That Are Prop-Free: No Ball Required!!

  1. Four Corners (how to)
  2. Red Light: Green Light (how to)
  3. Tag (how to)
  4. What time is it, Mr. Fox? (how to)
  5. Duck, Duck Goose (how to)
  6. Man Hunt (aka Hide n Go Seek) (how to)
  7. 7 Up (how to)
  8. Sardines (how to)

That should do it!

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