I had the opportunity to attend  ‘The Baby Issue Luxury Parenting Product Suite’ last week and came across some really great products. Perfect timing too since little Caleb is 9 weeks old! I’m going to walk you through some of my favorite finds.


First up, we have JourneyBee. They are lightweight, portable cribs that can be brought anywhere you and your baby travels. Heading to the beach? No problem! The JourneyBee comes with a sunshade as well. Love this item! I’m heading to Disney in a few weeks and am thinking this is a MUST OWN for my planned time at the hotel pool!


I missed the mark with this one – but if you are expecting then you need to get a pair of scrubs from ‘I’m The Daddy‘ for your significant other.  Have a little fun in the delivery room! Besides – if you can avoid wearing the hospital version… DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. And once your little bundle of joy arrives, the scrubs become really comfy pajamas.


I fell in love with the mission AND with the style / concept of Mightee Kids. Each shirt was designed with a charity / cause in mind. So, when you give your child the shirt, you can sit down with them and talk about the message behind the cause. Each shirt comes with a colorful / kid-friendly brochure.

$5 is donated to a cause for every shirt sold.

IMG_9652 IMG_9653

PicklePeas is a clothing line that has bibs snapped onto the shirts. If the bib gets too wet, you snap it off and replace! So fun. LOVE this right now especially since my little guy has reflux.


I want to do a more thorough review on Nuroo because I am obsessed with this product – so look out for it. But for now, here is a quick recap. Nuroo is an AMAZING babywearing shirt that allows you and your baby to have skin-to-skin contact while being mobile. The shirt is ADORABLE and the added benefits for your child are immeasurable.

The shirt itself has velcro that wraps around the child, but the belt actually keeps the baby in place.

IMG_9656  IMG_9658

Guava Mitts are just too cute! They look like shoes but act like socks. LAUNCHING June 1st – so you are getting a real sneak peek!

guavaboots are the first and only baby booties specifically created to allow for an easy, one-handed closure with the ability to adjust for a customized fit as baby grows. like our guavamitts, guavaboots are knit with a breathable bamboo-derived viscose organic cotton blend that is sustainably harvested, naturally antimicrobial and comfy in any season. our stylish new booties are made in fabric choices that pair well with guavamitts – including modern sole prints in bold patterns that bring fun to baby’s feet.


NOW THIS I LOVE! I hate when my son has a stuffy nose. I also hate having to UN-STUFF his nose with that blue squeeze ball. SO gross. Did you ever see the video when they opened up one of those tools and it was filled with MOLD? Never again will I use one of those!

Anyway – here’s the solution. The Baby-Vac attaches to your vacuum cleaner and is a clear aspirator that provides consistent, controlled suction.

More info here.

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