My children TYPICALLY get up at different times. Natalie likes to keep her blinds open a bit at night. So, she is up with the sun (literally). Liam strolls into the kitchen about 20 minutes later. We don’t eat breakfast until everyone is seated. It’s sort of a house rule — we like to eat our meals together. 99.9% of the time we stick by this rule.

I don’t make elaborate dishes in the AM. In fact, breakfast is never a big deal. I wouldn’t know a breakfast casserole recipe if my life depended on it. We are a bagel / cereal / oatmeal / fruit / grits kinda family. Yes, I said grits. I’m obsessed.

Thomas’ Bagels has these thin bagels that I love because I sometimes use them for lunch sandwiches as well. Always stocked up with a bag or two.

And there’s no rushing either. TVs are off. iPads are nowhere to be found. We are all just talking and eating… and usually laughing.  It’s our morning vitamin. 🙂 Honestly, I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to have this time together. I also get to hear about Natalie and Liam’s dreams. If you don’t ask right away then they don’t remember. Sometimes I get some really good ones. Lately, my daughter has been dreaming about marrying one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No really. LOL!!!!!!!! Too FUNNY.

What do your mornings looks like? Do you have a chance to sit down with the kids? Or is it too rushed with school prep?

Oh and PS: I took this picture a while ago – I swear I still don’t have an Easter tablecloth on my table anymore. We’ve move onto a summer theme. 🙂

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