My third child is much needier than my other two. He has reflux – so I know he isn’t as comfortable as the rest of the lot. I’m sure that has something to do with it all. Because of this, we have to hold him a LOT more during the day. If we lay him flat, Caleb usually ends up throwing up. It’s a test – but one that we quite enjoy (except at 3AM at night 🙂 ).


Sometimes when he falls asleep on me, Caleb will grab onto something and hold on so tight. It could be a finger or it could be a piece of my clothing. I love it when he does that because it’s almost like he wants to make sure I’m not going anywhere. So sweet!

You have to cherish these moments. Bill reminded me of this yesterday when we were having a really rough moment and I was sort of coming undone. He said 15 years from now when the kids are off with their friends… we will miss the crying and the throw up and the chaos. And I know that is so true. Can’t even THINK about it without my eyes filling up. Luckily, I have a long way to go before my little ones hit High School and beyond. (At least, I keep telling myself that.)

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