Want to have some fun while in LA? Why not check out the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum?! I’m lucky enough to have previously visited the ones in London and New York – so I knew what to expect… and I still had a BLAST.


Before we even got our tickets, we were greeted by Mr. Johnny Depp. Yum and Yum. The entire group was taking individual shots – so it took us a while to get through the door. LOL.

I’m telling you… this Disney trip was one fun time after the other.


Anyway, we took an elevator up and guess who greeted us as soon as the door open? Mr. George Clooney. Two hotties back to back? I LOVE THIS PLACE!! 🙂




I walked around and saw some of my favorites – especially Miss Judy Garland. Oh how I adore her. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched ‘Wizard of Oz‘ in my lifetime. My mom can confirm but I think it’s somewhere around a million.


Of course… I ran into the man of the hour. Iron Man! He had his own room and I thought it was super cool to actually be able to touch the suit. That’s what’s so fun about Madame Tussauds – you get to touch everything. Nothing is behind a rope!


They even have interactive exhibits – like this one from ET. You know, most people told me I looked constipated in this shot but I thought that I got the scene SPOT ON! HA!!! Guess not!



Any Kill Bill fans? I can’t even!!! You know I had to pick up the sword prop and get into action. Shouldn’t have smiled… but I was just too happy to resist.

For more information about Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, click here.

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