Last weekend, the family packed up an overnight bag (or 3) and headed to the Four Seasons New York for a wonderful weekend filled with new adventures for the kids. I don’t think they fully appreciated the space that they hotel provided. In fact, I’m not quite sure that I have grasped the entire floor plan as of yet. I mean… take a look at the living room alone!

The Four Seasons Deluxe Suite was more spacious than most NYC apartments and the view was one that could not be beat. We were given a city view and was able to see both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building at the same time. I think Bill stood in front of that window for a good 20 minutes before checking out the rest of the space.


The bathroom was a dream come true with kid-friendly bonuses. I loved how the hotel made sure to make my little ones feel right at home. For moms, the shampoo, conditioner, lotion brand was Bvlgari —  HUGE fan of the line.


Our Master bedroom had a king size bed, a crib for little Caleb and a sitting area. We spent most of our time as a family in here – except when it was time to eat.   room_service_four_seasons

Our first night, we ordered in and the food was DELISH! My husband’s burger was as big as his HEAD and my chicken was done to perfection. The kids – naturally – enjoyed their desserts! 

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 1.18.33 PM

We joked that Caleb had on the right bib. Gotta love the tux look!! 🙂  

Here’s a video I did of the entire space. It will give you a better understanding of the Four Seasons NY Deluxe Suite floor plan PLUS show you the walk-in closet. Le sigh….

Then onto the main attraction — we were whisked away in a motor coach to an amazing townhouse a few blocks away and the children were immediately treated to a VIP moment at Red Carpet Kids. 

So, here’s how it works. When you walk into the brownstone, the kids are whisked away to the red carpet by their manager. Everyone is in character. Butlers. Paparazzi. Journalists. Agents. You name it! It’s AWESOME.


The kids line up in front of the paparazzi pit and the interviews begin. They are caught off guard at first and then WHAM – everyone gets it and the fun begins. Natalie instantly became a pop star and was talking to her fans about her upcoming album. Bill and I were cracking up!


Once that’s over, the kids are brought up to their dressing rooms. They hop into their costumes and then head for the green screen. PS – the boys room has telephone booths because every superhero must swap clothing in a telephone booth once in their lifetime, right?

The movie is pre-assigned (you pick ahead of time).  Lines are given to the kids in very small chunks. The scenes are auto-fed to an editing team behind some magic curtain and everything happens in real time.

Once the filming is over – lunch / dinner is served. Did I mention cupcakes?! YUM!



THEN – the moment everyone is waiting for!!!!!!!! The MOVIE. You get to watch it right then and there in a movie theatre. We were DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. It was hilarious. I went RIGHT UP TO THE RED CARPET KIDS CREW AND TOLD THEM THEY NEEDED AN ADULT VERSION BECAUSE I WAS INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Apparently, it’s in the works and I’m officially on the list.

Waiting patiently.

Ever so patiently.

After the movie screens, every kids gets an award. Even little Caleb took home an award. I can’t tell you ENOUGH HOW OBSESSED I AM WITH THIS PACKAGE. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Red Carpet Kids is a kids service that is also available for birthday parties. So, if you live in the city (or the surrounding area) CHECK THEM OUT. You will not be disappointed.

I will have the final product for you to view in a few days. They are mailing me the DVD – I swear it is a keepsake for SURE!

* The Four Seasons NY Hotel provided accommodations over the weekend. All opinions are my own.


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