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Life is good. There’s no mistaking that. The kids are happy. The house is clean… sort of. And no matter how hectic my schedule might be, at the end of it all I go to sleep knowing I gave it my all.

Like I said… life is good.

But you know what can make life just a little bit better? A smell. A taste. A sensation that absorbs you and consumes you and just for a second makes you forget yourself for a moment. You know what I’m talking about – that first whiff of your morning cup of coffee. It only lasts for three seconds at best. But in that instant, you aren’t thinking about the day that is ahead of you. You’re just taking it all in and preparing yourself for some really great flavors to wake up your body, mind and soul.

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Green Mountain Coffee – available in K-Cup packs specifically for your Keurig machine – can give you a different sensation every day of the week.  From nutty aromas like pecan to fruity sensations like blueberry, Green Mountain Coffee has you covered. My personal favorite? FRENCH VANILLA!!! YES PLEASE!

The Keurig machine was literally a game changer in my household. We were so… BORING before purchasing that coffee maker. Now, we love to try as many different types of coffees as possible. It’s easy to do with the K-cup technology.

Green Mountain Coffee is great quality coffee and the best-selling brand for the Keurig brewing system. Believe me, they have a range that will knock your socks off. Click here to check out all of the available flavors Green Mountain Coffee has to offer.  You will NOT be disappointed.


And if I may… I would like to offer one more little personal tip on how you can keep your mornings as positive as possible. It’s very easy to eat on the run. I have three kids. My husband and I run 4 different websites that never shut down. Our lives are insane. But we – as a family – eat every breakfast and every dinner together. It’s very important to unplug and reconnect as a unit. If you start off and end your day connected as a family you will see your children appreciating and looking for those moments. My children will not start breakfast unless we are all seated and I just love that.

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