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We just came back from Disney. The entire family spent 9 fun-filled days running around the parks (more on that to come – I just have to get situated first). While I didn’t lose any of my children, I saw PLENTY of kids that were lost, scared and frantically looking for their parents.

When I was young, my mom and I separated while in Macy’s on 34th Street. I decided to play hide and seek inside one of the clothing racks and in an instant – I was lost. Thankfully, a woman saw my mother screaming on the streets for her daughter and realized I was that little girl. But if she hadn’t… who KNOWS what would have happened! I was too young to know my phone number at the time.

As a mom seeing SafetyTat for the very first time, I thought it was a GREAT IDEA. Here’s the deal!

SafetyTat are temporary tattoos that read ‘If Lost, Please Call’ and list a parent or guardian’s cell phone number. Designed to be worn on a child’s arm or hand, SafetyTats are easy to apply and are perfect for amusement parks or other crowded surroundings. You can pre-print them at home or write your number on the spot.


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