Finding the right lip gloss for a overseas trip can be a challenge. I went to Bermuda on a press trip and wanted a versatile lip gloss that would take me from New York’s chilly Spring weather to Bermuda’s hot sun. I didn’t want anything super glossy and glaringly obvious. I wanted a subtle shimmer that I could wear day and night. I found just that in NVEY ECO’s Hydrating Lip Lustre in Barely There.


This lip gloss has just a touch of shimmer to make me look put together. I wore it everyday, everywhere. I wore it to dinner on the cruise, out to Bermuda for sightseeing and to go to the beach parties in the night. The color was so versatile. I also hate when I have to re-apply every couple of minutes. This was absolutely not the case. I probably had to re-apply probably 3 times per day, tops.


This lip gloss not only looks good on, it also is so much better for your skin. The brand recently launched in the US.  NVEY ECO products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, and NVEY ECO is not tested on animals. NVEY ECO is made with the most natural organic ingredients to provide a great experience for you and the environment.

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Written by Tabitha St. Bernard

Product was gifted.

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