Yesterday was my birthday and the best part about having a birthday in June is that it signals the official beginning of summer for me. As part of my outfit, I chose this combo from mark. I wore the Blue Me In Earrings with the Chase The Blues Necklace. Both these pieces retail for under $50. That’s not even the best thing about them, though. They’re THE perfect summer jewelry items for other reasons.

pic 4

The #1 reason I fell in love with these pieces is the color. I saw them in their boxes and thought they were pretty. Then, I put them on and the color just POPPED. With the gold, the turquoise is so summer chic. It just reminds me of the ocean. This combo is perfect to pair with any outfit. I chose a blush top, which I wouldn’t normally think to pair it with. That means you can wear this combo with white, black and everything in between.

To be honest, though, I started the day with just the necklace. I have weak earlobes (cue jokes about working out my ears) and can’t wear any heavy earrings. The Blue Me In Earrings looked heavy. They looked like major earrings. I slipped them on for dinner and was amazed by how light they were. They weren’t tugging on my lobes at all.


The Chase The Blues Necklace can be worn by itself or with the earrings. By itself, it’s still a conversation starter. Chunky stones held together by slivers of gold make this THE summer item to rock all day into evening.


If you’ve only been thinking of makeup when you think of mark. think again. They offer affordable, chic, trendy pieces that you’re going to love wearing. Click here to check out more from mark. 

Written by Tabitha St. Bernard

Items were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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