I wasn’t going to join a gym again considering I barely went to my last one… but LA Fitness suckered me in with an amazing deal I could not refuse. I went in on Father’s Day with Bill to buy him a membership as his gift and ended up making it a DOUBLE.

For $39 a month, I now have access to 55,000 square feet of awesome-ness. Yes, that’s a word. There’s a pool, a sauna, a steam room. Notice, I’m not mentioning any fitness equipment.  LOL!

No seriously… there’s also belly dancing, pilates, YOGA and zumba. I am really so VERY excited.

Bill is all HYPED up over the racquet ball membership he signed up for. Oh boy! Oh and cycling too. Apparently, that’s one to write home about. Personally, I’m scared of cycling classes and with good reason. I tried once and couldn’t even sit on the bike. It was so painful! And don’t tell me I’m not supposed to sit on the bike… because there’s no way I could do all that standing up for an hour. Pa-LEASE.

Anway- heading there tonight. REALLY EXCITED to check it out for the first time!!!

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