Isn’t this so fun?! And SMART?! After a long day of swimming and building sandcastles with the kids, we all end up with a big pile of wet suits that no one wants to handle. I usually end up wrapping the bunch in all our wet towels… but that doesn’t do much good, now does it?

Found a solution!! A fashionable one at that!

Hayden Reis sells these Beach Bud bags and they are PERFECT. You stuff your wet bathing suits inside of them and zip the bag. The water-resistant bags will help you keep the rest of your goods organized and dry. When you get home, you will easily be able to fish out the wet clothing from your beach bag without disrupting the rest of your stash. There’s no point in repacking sunscreen, sunglasses, that good book your reading and your lipgloss over and over again, right?

Retails for $32

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