Last night, I was able to attend the preview for Disney’s new holiday lineup! It was great, as you would imagine. They had something for everyone…literally. Gifts for girls, boys, babies, tweens, woman, and even men.  All the brands and characters in the Disney stable were fully represented…Disney Junior, Marvel, Star Wars, ESPN.  There were also new partnerships with retailers like Hot Topic and producers like Melissa and Doug. It was a great display and a really great preview of what we can expect to be some of the most popular toys come Christmas time.

And, oh yeah…I got to meet Sophia the First and Jake…so who’s better than me…not too many people.



Here’s a quick preview of some of the goodies I got a chance to check out…

A peek at the beautiful Gifts for Girls setup…really cute and pretty from the Doc McStuffins sheets to the coats, castles, and dolls.


These amazing Mike and Sully dolls are buds, talking just like the characters. The great part is that if they are separated from each other, they begin to freak out…looking for each other until they are reunited. Very cute idea.


This gorgeous, and massive princess castle is awesome. If the castle itself didn’t have enough to see and do (believe, it’s big), it also comes with an app that interacts with the castle itself!  Here you can see you can pick the princess…and it allows you to do things like go into the bedroom and dress the princess…in all that Disney glamour! Very impressive.

IMG_1548 IMG_1549

This is Disney’s first foray into wooden toys with Melissa and Doug.  As you can see, you get the look and feel of Melissa and Doug mixed with that Disney magic.


Here are some ESPN-themed games.  There were only a few but I can see this line really expanding in the future.


How can you go wrong with this Amazing Spider-Man bike? That’s right, you can’t.


Are you kidding?  This looks like the real deal…AND it makes the wearer sound just like Darth…simply a must-have.


There was even a whole line of tween/teen/adult clothing and accessories. Disney is hoping to make their wares “hot” for all these ages, so they are moving into the store Hot Topic to do so.

IMG_1530 IMG_1528 IMG_1527

Here are some more goodies, like the Sully mask that mimics what the wearer is doing, Pay Doh princesses, snowboards, and much more!!  It’s pretty crazy the depth and breadth of the Disney brand and it’s merchandising channels and potential…

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