This past year has been a difficult one across Ameria. Hurricanes, tornadoes, shootings, bombings, and fires. Lives and homes lost. Being someone who has always enjoyed helping others in need, it’s been frustrating for me to watch the news, but not be able to help rebuild a home or help the victims in person.

Of all these, Hurricane Sandy hit closest to home. As I watched the news and read my social media networks, I was sadden to hear one of my fellow New Jersey Digital Moms lost her home to the Storm. I had no words of encouragement for her. I was only able to send my thoughts and love over Facebook. I felt useless.

Months later, our Founder, Elizabeth Norton shared a project with us – one she was working on with Kadi Prescott, Founder of Social Media Moms, to help the Jersey Shore. I volunteered in hopes to help where I could.

The day came earlier this month when 40 members from the Social Media Moms and NJDMoms traveled to South Jersey together for a 4-day event – #JerseyLove. A social media for social good campaign.

JerseyLove Ladies
Hosted by Caesars Entertainment, we shared about their wonderful facilities including the hotel room and great dinner at Mia.
JerseyLove Caesars Atlantic City RoomJerseyLove Atlantic City Caesars Mia
For those who want to enjoy a little nightlife, Harrah’s Resort has a great club which Caesars Entertainment arranged for us to enjoy one night by the pool. To top off that evening Drake Bell stopped for a quick photo with us!
JerseyLove LATB Drake Bell
The Atlantic City Broadwalk.
JerseyLove Atlantic City Broadwalk
And, of course, the food from Taste of AC, which was absolutely delicious. If you’re a huge foodie, you need to check it out.
JerseyLove Caesars Atlantic City Taste of AC
We enjoyed a walk up the 228 steps of the Historic Absecon Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey.
JerseyLove Atlantic City LighthouseJerseyLove Lighthouse 228 StepJerseyLove Lighthouse I Saw the Light
Had fun on the rides at the Steel Pier, which your kids will absolutely love and never want to leave.
JerseyLove Steel Pier

Some of our members and children even went surfing in Belmar with our sponsor D6 Sports using their HangTen Surfboards and skimming with their D6 SurfSkimmers while braving Tropical Storm Andrea.

JerseyLove SurfersJerseyLove D6 SurfSkimmer

By the generosity of our sponsor D6, we happily handed a $5,000 check to Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty to help displaced families because there are still many families out there trying to rebuild.

JerseyLove Belmar Mayor Matt
Throughout our campaign we reached more than five million people by sharing over 3,000 Instagram photos and 6,000-plus tweets generating over 80 million impressions. Although each of our experiences were different, we had one message:
“The Jersey Shore is Open for Business”

Being able to participate in the JerseyLove campaign was such an amazing experience for me. It enabled me to do something for the State I live in and the local community affected by Superstorm Sandy.

You too can still help in several ways:

  1. Make a donation to help displaced families of Belmar – visit the Belmar Relief website.
  2. Spread the word that the Jersey Shore is open for business this summer and use the #JerseyShore hashtag
  3. Go visit the Shore – you’ll enjoy it and your family too
Much thanks to our sponsors for supporting the JerseyLove campaign:

Link to the press release:

Photo credits: All photos were taken by me except for the following:

  • D6 SuftSkimmer – Sherry of SuperExhausted
  • Steel Pier – Robin of Princeton Found
  • Check presentation – unknown
  • Drake Bell – Harrah’s Resort photographer

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