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I really need to work on my daughter’s writing skills. She rushes through everything and if I’m being honest – it’s my fault. I just wasn’t present this year for them and their school work. With all my pregnancy complications, I’m afraid homework was a non-priority for me.

But that’s all behind me and third grade is right around the corner. I need to correct the madness before September because I REFUSE to have another sloppy half-a**ed year. I bought several workbooks for my kids (and one fun story for Caleb) and we decided 20 minutes a day is enough to get us through the summer break.

I told Natalie we didn’t have to finish all the pages in the books. We just needed to make sure we were as neat as can be on the pages we worked on. We are on day three and all is well. Kids actually like the quiet time.

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Do you whip out the workbooks during summer break? Or is a break a break?

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