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I woke up nice and early on the 4th of July and ran to a local shopping center in my neck of the woods. In one swoop, I was able to hit up Gap Outlet, Banana Republic Outlet, Old Navy, Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack. I freaking love that place. There’s also a Bloomingdale’s outlet and they are building a Home Goods. Did I mention the Shake Shack and Trader Joes that’s in place?

H-E-A-V-E-N. I could LIVE THERE – right in front of the Starbucks! LOL

Anyway, Natalie and I ran around and did some damage (look out for the videos I will post over the next few days). My dress was a MAJOR SCORE from Banana Republic. I was heading to my local club and needed a summer party dress. I wanted one that was to the floor because I ALWAYS GET BIT UP when I sit on grass. Was trying to limit my skin exposure.

I opted for a $79 dress that was reduced to $39 because of a 4th of July sale they were having. BLISS. Unfortunately  I can’t find the dress online to share with you. If you have a Banana Republic outlet near you – head there today because it’s on the rack.


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Jewelry was simple. I opted for two bangles ($24 for the set) from Mark and a long necklace from C Wonder. Sadly, the necklace isn’t online EITHER!




Here’s another view of the dress. It’s lined too which I loved because most summer dresses are pretty flimsy. I felt covered in this piece!

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