There’s been a few shows that have caught my attention this summer and I’m curious if you are watching any of them. I’m not totally invested in them. I’m just giving them a shot.


Siberia: It’s FAKE reality and it had me fooled for a little while. I heard nothing about the program before actually watching it. I just happened to catch it once it aired. I was watching for a while before I realized that I was being duped and that it was FAKE. They had me for a good 20 minutes. Then, once we hit the ending… I realized there was NO WAY it was real and I went online to make sure. LOL. I actually like it MORE that it’s not real. Isn’t that strange? I HATE “real” reality shows – so this is a happy medium for me. Lots of shady characters. Thriller.

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Under the Dome: I feel like this one is going to be a good one. You can’t beat Stephen King and this is HIS turf! Also if you are a Twilight fan, you will love the main female lead — Rachelle Lefevre. Basic premise of this one? Small town gets isolated from the rest of the world when a dome falls around the perimeter. It’s invisible and impenetrable.  What happened when you no longer have to live by the world’s rules?

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Graceland: I’m a few episodes into this one but I am sure you can catch up online or from the USA app. Cop show with a twist…. and I’m not into cop shows.  It’s more about the undercover cop scene – those people who have to go deep in order to make the bust. Love it!

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True Blood: I mean… if you aren’t watching this already….



Extreme Weight Loss: Ok, I’m going to look like a liar now because I JUST said I don’t watch reality TV. There’s one type of show that I DO watch and it’s weight loss shows. I can’t stay with it an entire season because I always lose interest… but Extreme Weight Loss doesn’t build on one another. Each episode completes at the end – so I don’t have to follow through like The Biggest Loser. I’m DVRing them. I like it.

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Cult: Again – this is a show that’s been on for a while. You should catch up before actually starting to watch it. A TV show displays hidden messages to its fans. Fans become part of this dangerous underground cult. You just don’t know who to trust, who is involved and what will happen next. People are missing. People are dead. Lots of fun twists.

Are you watching any of these?? What shows are on your list? It’s pretty slim pickings these days!!

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