My friend and her mother sold me on the Nutribullet last week. They kept telling me about how easy it was for them to get their veggies in every day with a simple shake. It all sounded so delicious – so I caved and bought the blender from Bed, Bath and Beyond. With my coupon it ended up being around $80.

image_2 image_1


You’re supposed to put half veggie and half fruit. Depending on your combo determines your color. When I mixed blueberries and spinach, I got a brown color that my children were not impressed with. BUT THEY DRANK IT!

Here’s a video of them in action. We’ve had a shake every morning since. I am obsessed.


You can even add flax seeds or Chia Seeds (which is what I used) to add an additional boost of fiber. It’s a really easy way to get in those veggies!! I highly suggest this!!!

Do you make veggie / fruit shakes like this?? What are your favorite combos?

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