It’s summertime. It’s hot and stinky and above 100 degrees in New York City. All I want to do is take continuous cold showers to separate my skin from the perspiration. It’s important, during these hot days, to use a body wash that adds to the refreshing nature of a shower. Enter gud’s Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Wash from Burt’s Bees.

RRG_BodyWash_lI’ve been testing this puppy out for the past few weeks and I have to admit I’ve become more grateful for it in the last couple of days, when you can fry an egg on the pavements outside. gud’s Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Wash is so refreshing. It’s very light and isn’t a cream-based body wash. It’s grapefruit and thyme flavored, which means you get a burst of refreshing fruitiness during your shower. This has made taking a shower that much more fun. I thought that something that wasn’t cream-based couldn’t be moisturizing. I have super dry skin and I can usually use it as a barometer for good body washes. Well, I can report that this one passed the test. My skin feels soft and lightly moisturized, post-shower.

My favorite part of gud’s Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Wash? There are absolutely no parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals in this product. AND it’s also made right here in the U S of A. That’s just the icing on the cake….uh, body wash. At just $7, this doesn’t set you back too much in the beauty department.

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Written by Tabitha St. Bernard 

Company sent product for review. 


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