We’re having so much fun with our new basketball hoop. It wasn’t fun putting it together. It was freaking hot and long – but it happened and it’s behind us now. Every morning, before camp, we all head out before the heat kicks in and shoot a few. Yes me too.

Here’s the problem though… the kids get FILTHY. I mean – look at their hands. That’s every single time we play. That can’t be right? Is it? Are you supposed to get THAT DIRTY when you play basketball? I’m so confused!!



I have a sneaking suspicion it’s our driveway. We have a little spot where one of our cars leaked oil and I’m thinking the trouble occurs when the ball bounces on it ?? I ended up buying a Power Washer from Amazon because I don’t know what else to do?! The rain has done nothing to get rid of that mark. It’s been there for YEARS.


Either way, the kids love it! I love it. I am SO HAPPY we made the investment. I will suggest that you buy a basketball hoop from a place that actually puts it together though. I think Toys R Us does installments for like $35! WELL WORTH your Saturday morning (and afternoon).

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