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Ok! So we did it – our very first road trip. It’s not over yet — we are still here in Vermont, but all the anxiousness of starting it all is finally over. I was totally freaking out because of Caleb. I didn’t know how he would react being in a car seat for so long. Turns out… he didn’t like it very much. And when I say very much… I mean NOT AT ALL. More on that in a bit.  

Let’s start at the beginning. I didn’t pack up anything until the morning of which was a HUGE mistake because I was running around like a freaking animal trying to get everything in order until the kids came home from camp.

We all got in the car and made a little video. And then we were OFF. It all started off fine and dandy in the beginning. We watched movies. Caleb slept. It was awesome. But then my 5 month old woke up.

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Turns out my boy HATES long rides. We had to stop about 6 times! OMG! It added a good 2 hours to our drive. I couldn’t believe it. I think it should have taken us something like 7 hours and it ended up taking us 9+ hours.

another reason to stop: stretch breaks

At one point, I started to lose it because I just couldn’t hear Caleb cry anymore. But there was NO OUT. We were HOURS AND HOURS AWAY FROM HOME. We just had to keep going.

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Eventually we made it! Stay tuned. I seriously have a ba-billion (yes, that’s a word) posts to publish. I’m going to try to mix them up with beauty and fashion posts to not completely KILL you with travel write ups. But I can’t help it. We really did a lot so far on this trip!!

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