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I’m doing a LOT of walking around and only brought a pair of flip flops with me on this trip. I knew I didn’t want to be exploring cities in a pair of heels or wedges. So – all the dresses I packed had to be casual. But I still wanted to look put together!! Yesterday’s outfit was so easy and comfortable. If my memory serves me correctly, I snagged the dress at TJ Maxx for under $40.

The designer is Cable and Gauge and unfortunately this EXACT dress is not on their website. However…

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This has the same feel (minus the belt) and it’s on sale for $20!!

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My necklace has white chunky links but Banana Republic doesn’t have it online anymore. Here’s a VERY similar look from the brand for $45.

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Kate Spade Bangle

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Juicy Couture Skinny Bangle


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