Wearing a little black dress can be good for many things. Adding color to your look is not one of them. To add some color to my LBD, I paired it with the Aerosoles Lemon_Plush wedges. Here’s why I love them.


1) It’s summertime and as much as I like being stylish, I like comfort more. The Aerosoles Lemon_Plush are ridiculously comfortable. They’re so comfortable, they don’t even feel like wedges. Honest moment-sometimes during the summer, my feet sweat. It’s gross, I know! If you experience the same, the soles of these shoes are made with a soft material that cushions the bottom of the feet but also keeps it super dry. It was like wearing comfy flip flops.

2) The color on the Lemon_Plush wedges are very subtle. They’re on the heel. This means it doesn’t compete with your outfit or make a super loud statement. They’re the perfect pair of wedges to add just a dash of rainbow color to your look.

3) The criss-cross straps are super flattering to your legs. They create a slimming effect that brings the eyes to the slimmest part of your feet-your ankles. It’s a bit like magic for your body.


Aerosoles’ Lemon_Plush wedges are a wardrobe must-have for pairing with summer dresses and cropped pants.

BONUS- they’re on sale on the Aerosoles website right NOW. Click here to check them out.

Written by Tabitha St. Bernard


Shoes were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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