Whenever a friend asks me how my road trip was I immediately sell them on Smugglers Notch. Not only do I sell them on Smugglers Notch… but I plan a trip where we can all go back together. So far, I think we have about 7 families we’ve promised to return with. LOL! I can’t help it! We had so much fun. I’m NOT KIDDING – we will be back (and soon).

I have several posts to write because I need to break it down. There was too many things logged on this stay to put in one post. Let’s begin with the accommodations. The official walkthrough of The Falcon  – the 3 bedroom timeshare we stayed in for 4 days. Are you sitting down?

Check out this video. It comfortably sleeps 11. And I mean comfortably. My children were giving their stuffed animals their own beds at night. No tripping over one another during this stay.


When you check in you are given a weekly schedule. I recommend that you stay for at least 5 days and that you  stay mid-week. The vast majority of the activities on the schedule take place during the week. The weekends are really about checking in and checking out for timeshare owners. So, if you could swing it try to arrive on Monday!

The schedule is filled with a mix of fee-based and free activities. I wanted to do it all! Cooking lessons, fishing trips, go cart racing, zip-line canopy tours, and more. Check out their website for a full list of activities. You will find both family focused and adult-only opportunities.


Even dinner is entertaining! We looked on the schedule when we arrived and saw that there was family night at one of the restaurants on property. We decided to eat there to see what it was all about. Singing pirates! SCORE! We had our meal and the kids enjoyed a little entertainment.


There are more upscale options at Smugglers Notch by the way – like the Hearth and Candle Restaurant. While we were there, they were running a special where kids ate free!


And then there are the pools! 8 pools and 4 water-slides are spread out throughout the property for you to enjoy. So, if you aren’t a schedule kind of family – you don’t have to worry! There is always something for your little one to do in the summertime.

On our first night, we headed straight to the pool and stayed until it closed at 9. Kids laughed for hours. You can’t beat that.

There’s so much more! Click on the link below to see the rest of our pictures and information about Smugglers Notch.


Smugglers Notch is pretty big. There is a transportation system in place so you don’t have to worry about driving around to each destination. All you have to do is call for a golf cart or a minibus to pick you up and someone from the Notch would be there in a few minutes. We never waited for long. It’s a great way to get around!




When in Vermont, you have to try some Cabot Cheese! We were lucky enough to have some sent to us by the company and so whenever we were in the room figuring out our next move, we had a little snack! Oh so good.



There’s also the “Fun Zone” – and BOY was it fun! Just remember to bring socks (parents too). I saw so many people get turned away and have to go back to their room to get them. Rules are rules. With your pass, you have access to the Fun Zone for your stay. It’s a great place to let kids run around and let out some steam.



There were several different blow up / jumpy / climby (yes that’s a word) objects for everyone to enjoy. If you wanted to do ping pong, pool or play in the arcade that was an extra fee.


Stay tuned! I have a few more posts to write about Smugglers Notch because we did so much while on property! Lots of FUN!


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