One of my favorite family moments at Smugglers’ Notch HAS to be when we joined forces and created a Minecraft Go-Kart together. We walked in having no idea what to expect. It was on the schedule of free things to do while on property… so we went for it!


We asked the kids what kind of go-kart they wanted to create and Liam chimed right in! MINECRAFT!! Of course! He wanted to make a creeper – and what a creeper we made. You know we are obsessed with that darn game.


Each family gets their own supply of paint, balloons, string, tape and cardboard boxes. How you assemble them is up to you!


This isn’t cool unless you like Minecraft. But we were all pretty excited about the way our little creeper came out. 🙂


Especially Natalie!

IMG_1671 IMG_1674


Once we were all done, everyone posed for pictures and chatted a bit with the other families. It was a great way to meet other kids also staying at Smugglers’ Notch.


But this competition isn’t just about making the go-kart. It’s about the best go-kart CRASH. Yup – Smugglers’ Notch sure knows how to have fun. LOL. We carried our creation up a hill and waited our turn to … destroy the Creeper.

You get points for singing before the launch. So, that’s why Bill made up that little rhyme before their turn. CHECK OUT OUR LAUNCH!! Sadly – our creeper did not fall apart like we hoped he would. Too much tape I suppose…



So much fun! Everyone walks away with a prize at the end. Definitely one to check out if you visit Smugglers’ Notch. Something that the kids are still talking about today.

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