Coldwater Creek recently introduced an entire new line of jeans and I just had to go and check them out. They took a look at the woman’s body and tailored their styles to fit every woman’s needs. I love how specific (yet easy) jean shopping with CWC actually was!


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Since I just had a baby 6 months ago, I needed to find a pair of jeans that were high rise and lucky for us CWC offers up three different waistlines – Classic, Natural, and Curvy. I also prefer the slim look based on my figure but wanted to try on a few different styles just to be sure. My cousin and I picked out a few options and headed into the fitting room to try them on.

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Love that our names were placed on the door!! LOL


Besides having an amazing jean selection, Coldwater Creek also had some pretty awesome shirts on the floor.  Obviously, we couldn’t resist trying on a few of those as well.



If you are the type of shopper that needs some guidance, Coldwater Creek has you covered. They section off their stores by trend and offer up accompanying pieces near the main focus. So, for example, these white jeans were the focus. But as you can see, they showcase a great brown sweater that would look great paired with them as well as some hanging jewelry. So SMART! You can choose an entire outfit all in one corner. No more running around trying to reinvent the wheel. I. Love. This.


So, I ended up walking away with a pair of colored skinny jeans in midnight purple and this Indigo Mirage Blouse.

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The Sateen Straight Leg Jeans retail for $79-$89, but GET THIS! If you buy a second pair right now, you can snag it for $29!! Amazing!

If you have a hard time jean shopping because you can never find the right fit, I would check out Coldwater Creek. There are so many different options available to us women – it’s nearly impossible to walk out empty handed.

* company provided jean sample

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