How To Download Free Disney Toy Boxes: Pre-Built Worlds (A MUST DO)

We just downloaded 5 free pre-built Disney Toy Boxes last night on our Disney Infinity system and have been playing in them ever since. It took me a minute to figure out how to do it and I wanted to write a post to show you how in case you were in the same (confused and lost) boat.

Before you start thinking that it’s not worth doing…. I’m going to stop you and say IT IS!! Just look at some of the available worlds:


Toy Box_FloatingCastle1-M

Toy Box_Wonderland2-M


The Wonderland Maze is MY FAVORITE – it’s actually a little hard to get through. A challenge for parents and kids alike. But the ending is SO WORTH IT!!! Your kids will FLIP when they get there.

SO – Here is how you download free Disney Toy Boxes on Disney Infinity.

Step 1: Select the Toy Box from your Main Menu

Step 2: Select Toy Box Share

Step 3: Select Disney’s Toy Boxes

Then download all the available options. I believe we are allowed 100 free slots. So, we are good to go!!

NEW WORLDS WILL BECOME AVAILABLE ONCE A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!

For more information on Disney Infinity, click here.

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