While wasting time… I mean actively looking for inspiration in Pinterest, I came across this image. It stopped me in my tracks. We hold on too tightly, don’t we? We never let it go even though we say we have. There’s a tightness deep down inside that only we are still aware of… and I think it’s time to release it.

She took a deep breath and let it go.

What a powerful visual. Exhale out that grudge. That hurt. That memory. You’ve given it real estate long enough.

This week’s challenge is simple. Think of something you’ve been holding onto for longer than it deserves. Now…. Let. It. Go.

You don’t have to say WHAT you let go. But if you made an effort, leave a comment below. 

I let go of some expectations I’ve been having lately. Expectations that will never be met. Expectations that will always be too far out of reach. I feel lighter already.

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