Mama is so proud!!

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Over the weekend, Natalie and I ran out for a little girl time. She needed a hair cut and I needed an iced tea. 🙂 While we were at Starbucks, I asked her if she wanted her usual – Chocolate Milk. And she didn’t. Instead, she wanted to get a drink “like mommy”. Now, my tea has caffeine in it. So, I didn’t want to get her the same exact one but I knew that the Passion Fruit was caffeine free. I asked for a tall Passion Fruit Lemonade with one pump of syrup and crossed my fingers.

She loved it!

And I almost cried. Third grade really is the game changer for little girls. I kept hearing it all summer long – my baby girl was going to change this year. And it’s happening over and over again right in front of my eyes. I’m embracing the last few months of pure childhood with my first born.  Despite the fact that she is physically changing and morphing into a little tween with each passing day.

When can I get a cellphone?

Can we shop at Justice now?

I could cry just writing this… because I know it will go as fast as the rest of her life already. 8 years with a blink of an eye.  Ok seriously, I’m going to stop because I’m super emotional as it is. Tomorrow school starts. The beginning of the end. I’m going to spend the entire day doing whatever she wants…. even if that means playing LPS until the sun sets.

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