Yesterday I wrote about what a PANIC I was in while my children got through their first day of school. When they came home, I started to sort through their folders and found this — the “First Day Jitters” ditto. Basically, Liam was asked to draw what was making him nervous.

Check out his response. Plain and simple.


Nothing was giving him the jitters. He was cool, calm, and collect. He wasn’t worried about a single thing. He actually had a really great time. And so did my daughter! Everything was just FINE.

So, ONCE AGAIN, my mind was my worst enemy. I created this scenario where my children were in distress and I put myself in a role that rendered me helpless filling me with nothing but anxiety and STRESS. All. For. Nothing.

Sigh. I need to get on medication. Oh wait. I’m on medication. I need to start drinking…

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