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Trumpeting Media put on quite an event a few weeks ago. It was a day filled with Relaxation and Rejuvenation. I CHALLENGE you to find a woman who doesn’t need a little of both. Thanks to specialists from the Dermalogica Academy, many left with glowing skin after receiving a 20 minute MicroZone Treatment. People hear the word “treatment” and they automatically think “expensive”. Well, think again!  Starting at $5 for waxing and topping out at $50 for an hour long treatment, they have the best deals in town!

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Dermalogica just recently launched their Clear Start line – geared towards ‘tweens’ and teens’ who are just starting to take care of their young and developing skin. I wish we had something like this back in the 80s! Wait… did I just date myself? Ugh.

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And last but not least, everyone got a sneak peek at 2BSparkling by 2BDrinks. For the next two weeks, you can save 25% off your 2B Amazon purchase by using coupon code L3ZU7GQF. Enjoy!

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