Maria Menounos is known for her amazing smile, isn’t she? The actress, journalist and TV presenter is everywhere these days and let’s be honest… the woman always looks like she could just walk right onto the red carpet. How does she do that?! Maria was recently tagged as the spokesperson… I mean “spokesmile” for Philips Sonicare and I had the chance to interview her about her favorite beauty must-haves.  You know I couldn’t pass that up!

Extra is one of the only shows that doesn’t go on hiatus for the summer and it’s filmed outside in the LA heat, so I thought I would pick her brain about being camera-ready no matter the weather.

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What are your top 3 favorite beauty picks?

Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted moisturizer, a great lipgloss and a Zoom whitening treatment. All work great in creating a fun summer look!


What are your travel tips for women on the go?

Always pack a small plastic bag for your dirty laundry, so when you unpack you simply throw it all in the wash.

Pack travel friendly items — Sonicare DiamondClean comes with a USB charging case, which I love because I can charge it on my laptop while waiting for my flight

Shower at the airport when you can so you are ready to go as soon as you leave airport! (especially if you aren’t going straight to a hotel)

Avoid packing large items such as large bracelets or purses. Stick with small items that you can roll up in small ziplock bags and place inside you shoes in suitcase.


What is your favorite workout and healthy snack?

I love playing basketball, as it’s a great cardio workout. My favorite healthy snack is Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bars. Healthy and easy to eat on the go!

What can we find in your beach bag?

Sunscreen, ipod Speakers, and a hat.

Lucky lady who lives in LA! My beach bag is tucked away and I’m dusting off my UGGs right now – but that’s what I get for being born in Manhattan! 🙂 Loved hearing Maria’s answers and I LOVED finding out that she played basketball. WHAT?! Didn’t expect that one. You never know… right?

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