You’ve heard of Allergy Face. It’s when you’re all stuffed up and swollen from all the congestion during allergy season and it shows on your face. Well, even Debra Messing gets Allergy Face. Best known for her roles on Will & Grace and Smash, Debra admits that sometimes her allergies are so bad, production halts until her face is back to normal. Lady and the Blog chatted with her over the telephone about how she keeps her allergies at bay and what happened before she discovered  Zyrtec.

Actress and allergy sufferer Debra Messing joins Zyrtec to help women tackle Allergy Face _ the beauty woes that accompany allergy symptoms _ at the Allergy Face Beauty Counter in Macy_s Herald Square

LATB: When did your allergies start bothering you?

Debra: I remember suffering from allergies since about the age of 7 so I’ve had to deal with it my whole life. 

LATB: Tell us about what happened on the set of Smash.

Debra: My allergies were so awful. My makeup artist and I would start the day with ice and aloes so that my face would look decent for filming and my voice would get back to normal. She would soak a wash cloth in ice and aloes and press it to my face for as long as I could handle it. I also would always have saline drops in my bag. Now, I use  Zyrtec and it makes a world of difference. We are filming a movie in an old building. It’s literally covered in dust and mold and I can tell you  Zyrtec works. It works indoors and outdoors for both types of allergies. 

LATB: Have you discovered any tricks that help keep your allergies from acting up?

Debra: Well, I’ve found that saline drops work. I also drink tons of water. I’ve found that washing makeup brushes diligently is important. I also don’t use any makeup or skincare products with fragrance. This tends to irritate my allergies. 

LATB: It sounds like you have your allergies under control.

Actress and allergy sufferer Debra Messing teamed up with Zyrtec to combat Allergy Face at the Macy_s Flower Show in New York

Debra is set to star in Outside Mullinger on Broadway this Fall. She just wrapped up filming The Wedding Date. To learn more Zyrtec, click here.

By Tabitha St. Bernard

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