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On September 11th, I co-hosted the Fashion Forward Conference with my fabulous partners – Audrey McClelland, Nicole Feliciano and Brooke Stewart. I did my makeup VERY early in the morning and didn’t have time to do a touch up until right before our fashion show at 3:30. I knew I needed something that would last because not only was I hosting 100+ bloggers at the event all day long, but I was also moderating one of our panels for the crowd. My makeup could NOT give me any issues. It had to be a NON-issue. In fact, I had to be able to go about the day and not think about my makeup for a nano-second. Thank goodness for Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ Cream. It was everything I needed and THEN SOME. You know something is good when you don’t think about it during crunch time. I put that puppy to the test and it passed.  Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ Cream gave me the coverage I needed without looking or feeling caked on and I absolutely appreciated that.

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Want to test out the BB+ cream for yourself? I have great news! Pond’s is currently throwing the “BB+ BFF Sweepstakes” on Facebook and there are some really amazing prizes up for grabs. To enter, create a BB+ BFF e-card by uploading a photo  showing you with your best friend. Then share your POND’S® BB+ love by uploading and posting a product testimonial.

You could win weekly prizes, including one of two grand prize best friend getaways to the Bahama Beach Club!! AHHH!

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