"A Better Way to Look"

Seriously – this is out of control amazing. I love technology!! created an app that is pretty much a game changer. The app uses 3Dfit technology and blends the best of hollywood special effects with advanced computer modeling, giving you the ability to try on more than 100 frames in less than a minute.


And I tried it. So believe me when I tell you that it ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE WEARING THE GLASSES. It’s borderline scary. And by scary I mean fantastic.

You also will have the ability to share the images with your friends and family via social media and get their opinion. All from the comforts of your own home. "A Better Way to Look" "A Better Way to Look"


The App is SUPER easy to use. TRUST ME! If I can do it – you can do it. You face a mirror and follow the instructions. Turn your head left and right. Line up a bar code and BOOM! You are done. Then it’s shopping all day and night.


So, how did I get to test this out? I was invited to attend an event in NYC at Blo with Brad Goreski. He was SO NICE and personable and he chatted up a storm with everyone in the salon. Such a pleasure!  If you want to see some of Brad’s favorite frame picks – click here.

image_6 image_2


On top of all this fun I got my hair blown out at Blo and got to spend the day with my friend Barbara – total score. 🙂

The app is available as an iPad app in the Apple store in the coming weeks and iPhone, web, Android phone, and Android tablet versions coming soon after.

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