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In just about a month, the kids and I will be joining family and friends on the Disney Dream for 5 days of wonder. We are all very, very, VERY excited. While I was on bed rest, Bill and I decided that this would be our trip for the year. So, we booked the trip before Caleb was even born! It’s days before both our birthdays and our 12 year anniversary. It’s going to be a very special sail – especially knowing all the complications I had with this pregnancy. Talk about a celebration! On top of it all, this is the first trip that we are taking BOTH parents with us! His mom and dad and my mom and first cousin are coming for the ride.

And as if that wasn’t enough Disney magic, we have several friends from town sailing on the same boat. We are FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT because our children are REALLY close and cannot wait go away together. To rev up the kids, we’ve started getting together and having pre-cruise dinners. Our last meal we scheduled a character call and had Mickey and the gang call the kids to let them know about the cruise. The children were screaming so loudly I don’t think they heard a word. LOL!

So. So. So FUN.

My friends are REALLY into preparing for the cruise though. I’m getting one email after the other and I’m drinking the Kool-aid by the gallon. I’m buying all types of things for our vacation that I had NO plans on purchasing.  I thought I was just going to get on the ship and enjoy the boat. Now I’m buying magnets for my door, pillow cases for the cast members to sign, autograph books, pirate costumes, this contraption to hang on my door so the kids can leave presents for one another each night and more. WHO KNEW?

Have you cruised before? Did you buy all these extra little add ons? I know the kids are really going to enjoy the extras but I literally had no CLUE!


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