Herbal Essences launched a new flavor in their body wash line and it smells ah-mazing! I got the chance to review it. Here’s the verdict.

heBody Burst contains a refreshing citrus flavor that promises to start your morning off with a kick. Herbal Essences body washes are known for their rich fragrance that can totally transform your shower-time. Body Burst is no different. Get ready for a treat to your senses. If you’re obsessed with the smell, be sure to check out the matching shampoo and conditioner. Now they’ll really complain about your showertime. I love that I didn’t have to use too much of this product to get the results. I used a small amount of body wash on my loofah and it lathered up pretty well. This means that it will last longer and spare me extra trips to the drugstore.

Verdict? A definite thumbs up.

For more information about Herbal Essences new Body Burst, click here.

Tabitha St. Bernard

Product sent for review.

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