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I am going to do an official video of my FULL Easy Closets renovation today but I couldn’t wait to show you a tiny sneak peek of the RESULTS. Check out my wall of wonder!! This is where my kids will now keep their toys – no more plastic bins. No more chaos. No more piles of junk in corners. Just neatness.

Ahhhh…..I could look at this all day.

This week, I filmed a mini-series with Easy Closets and could NOT contain my excitement. I don’t know how many times I said the words “life changing”. You should play a drinking game while watching my 10 part video series – actually don’t because I said it a billion times.


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The official filming crew!! Molly and Courtney

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Bill and I have a little work left to do in the basement – not going to lie. There’s a few mattresses down there and some extra toys that need to be donated to the poor. But we took MAJOR LEAPS from before to… after. I can actually invite adults down there now. It’s like a Christmas miracle folks!

Stay tuned! I’m going to show you all the organizational wonder in a few days including my new OFFICE NOOK. I’m still can’t believe it’s actually possible. Me? Living an orderly life? If I can do it – anyone can! 🙂 Easy Closets made it all possible.

* Easy Closets supplied me with the materials I needed for the project.

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