Ok – you might think I’m completely bonkers after reading this story but I SWEAR IT IS TRUE.  Growing up, I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty. For a very, very long time I was CERTAIN that my first child was going to be named Aurora (ask my mother – she can confirm). The Disney love story really resonated with me – it had JUST the right amount of scare and romance.

And that evil villain was magnificent.

I was entranced with Maleficent. Entranced. Her name was so CRAZY. I used to just walk around saying it. Maleficent. Maleficent. Maleficent. (That happened again many years later with Mufasa (ooh say it again) when I was in High School but that’s another post all on it’s own).


Fast forward 25 years and there I was walking in Epcot last weekend with my family and I saw a woman walking around with Maleficent  ears and I just about HIT THE FLOOR.

There. She. Was. My favorite Disney Villain… getting the props she so rightfully deserved. I smiled quietly as the woman walked passed me and virtually gave her a high five because I knew that she and I shared the same love for a wicked little witch. Then I thought about how cool it would be if Disney came out with a movie focusing on her side of the story. And then I saw the Starbucks and … well, you know.


TODAY I get an email from Disney showcasing ALL THIS INFO ABOUT A NEW MMMMMMOOOOOOVVVVVVIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE surrounding Miss Maleficent. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  She is getting her own film! I can’t  stand this! FINALLY! Vengeance will be hers! Well maybe not! But HOLLA!

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 8.15.32 AM


And as if this wasn’t enough great news on its own… Angelina Jolie is the LEAD. I mean… come. on.

Here’s the trailer. I can’t.
Releasing in the US May 30th!!

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