3 kids and 12 years later… we just wanted an afternoon free and a little tzatziki sauce. Originally, Bill was talking BIG PLANS for our 12 year anniversary. Dinner and a movie and all that jazz. Just writing that sentence makes me want to curl under my comforter. A 9PM flick start time – I fear – is no longer within my range… especially with all those trailers and commercials.

So we compromised. Lunch and no movie but a promise to go catch ‘The Hunger Games’ during a matinee when it comes out next week. Do I sound 80? Excuse me while I sip my herbal tea. All this writing is bothering my arthritis and my cataracts . I need a break. LOL.


Anyway, we opted for a place we never tried before and ordered WAY too much food but it was oh so worth it. No main course… just lots and lots of appetizers. If I had to live the rest of my life eating olives, warm bread and dips… I would live a very happy life.

blazer - bootie

Onto the outfit breakdown. I omitted the Louis Vuitton and swapped in a red clutch. Thought the blue and red would work well off of one another.

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